Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hey guys! Sorry, my computer just got fixed so now I can post again! Not really anything new. 4 new chicks hatched though! And also, school started! Luvin higs chool so far! And my bestie Lindsey is staying with me!!! Yay!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cabin in Prescott

After Tucson we unpacked and repacked for the last time and headed to Prescott. Our close family friends have a cabin there. So we stayed for four days. We did crafts, played at the park, went out for ice cream, went rock climbing, went geo-cashing, and on the weekend the dads came and we went to a lake and canoed! Here's just one picture. And by the way, the weather was fabulous!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tucson and Fourth of July

I love fireworks!

For the fourth of July we went to my Grandma's house in Tucson. There was a ward breakfast and parade in the morning. Then most of the day we went swimming and played with cousins. For dinner, we had a barbecue and homemade ice cream. Yummm!!! Then we did lots of fireworks! Well, the little ones of course. :) Happy Independence Day everyone!
My grandma, mom, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Lindsey, Aunt Theresa, and
cousin Aurie cooking our Fourth of July dinner

Simon showing his spirit at the ward parade and breakfast!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time to Blossom

This is me, Abby, Samantha(don't you just love her dress?),

Lindsey, Savannah, Jena, and Jaclyn on formal night.

This is the performance on the last day.
This is me. Sorry the picture's so blurry!

My mom, me, Debbie Forest, Savannah

me, our amazing counselor Megan, and Savannah in our

awesome matching Time to Blossom shirts

Right after the campout(literally, the day after) I unpacked, repacked, and headed out again. This time, Savannah and I went to something called Time to Blossom. It's like EFY, but for girls only. At night we stayed at the Hyatt place in Mesa, and during the day, we went to EVIT. We had the most amazing speakers like John Bytheway, April Price, Rachel Stewart, Vivian Cline, Dr. Greg Allen, Lacey Nymyer, Debbie and Carla(the founders of Time to Blossom), and more! We also had two concerts by Alex Boye and Brooke White. Shye Peterson helped us make scrapbooks, Debbie Forest helped us make decorations, Vivian Cline taught us everything about being a great young woman and lady, and the speakers helped a lot! We did crafts, fashion shows, dance parties, a formal night, games, movies, cheers, and so many other fun things! We were each assigned to a room of five girls(mine was me, Lindsey, Samantha, Haylee, and Anne), a group of ten girls(the others were Savannah, Jena, Abby, Annie, and Jaclyn), and a counselor(Megan). The food there was amazing and everyone was sooo nice! I also learned a lot about being confident, no matter what anyone else says. We are beautiful doughters of God. We had a testimony meeting to. I felt the spirit a lot. It was one of the happiest times of my life!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Davis Family Campout

(one of my favorite parts of camping)

After Girls camp we unpacked, repacked, and headed for Show Low. We went to Fool Hollow Lake and camped with my dad's side of the family. It was great!The lake was a little chilly but so much fun! I had a blast! Plus they had showers! :)

This is me with some relatives ready to jump into the lake. Mackenzie(cousin), Courtney(cousin), Savannah(sister), and of course I'm me!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Girls Camp

I went to Girls Camp from Tuesday through Friday. My freind Emily came with me too! I wish I had pictures! We did C.O.P.E., rockwall climbing, singing meadows, testimony meeting, certification, service, crafts, songs, skits, games, stayed up late, and had lots of junk food. It was amazing!